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Boehly expresses wary over UEFA's FFP impact on transfer dealings

The Blues new owner, Todd Boehly has expressed fears over UEFA'S Financial Fair Play impact on transfer dealings as he believes that clubs will no longer be able to sign players "at any price" due to the risks of sanctions.

Boehly's investment group acquired Chelsea last month after Roman Abramovich put the club for sale in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February. Under the Russian business mogul, Chelsea have been the most successful team in England thanks in large part to the Russian's investment. Boehly, who is part-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers MLB team, said at the SuperReturn International conference in Berlin on Friday, that the FFP rule is starting to correct the misnomer of getting players for huge fees and noted that clubs will continue to take it seriously. "Financial Fair Play is starting to get some teeth and that will limit the ability to acquire players at any price," "UEFA takes it seriously and will continue to take it seriously. (More teeth) means financial penalties and disqualification from sporting competitions." He however revealed that he hoped to use an American model to develop football's financial potential and help Chelsea players build a better personal brand. "We think the global footprint of this sport is really undeveloped," Boehly said. "There are four billion fans of European football. There are 170 million fans of NFL. Global club football is a fraction of the NFL media money. "We are also going to be thinking about, how do we get more revenues for the players? "If you look at (the NBA's) LeBron James, for example, he has a whole business and a whole team dedicated to what's not on the court. "So I think there is opportunity to capture some of that American mentality into English sports and really develop them."

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