• Joseph Faulkner

COPA AMERICA: Brazil's Participation in Doubt

Brazil's participation at the Copa America has been thrown into some confusion as some of her Europe based stars have expressed doubts about their involvement in the event.

The hosting rights of the Copa America which is due to kickoff on the 13th of June was awarded to Brazil after previous hosts Brazil Colombia and Argentina were dropped as co-hosts.

Colombia's political tension and a surge in COVID-19 cases in Argentina led to the suspension of their hosting rights but both countries will still be a part of the tournament.

Brazil's Europe based stars have raised several concerns about the poor handling of the country's COVID-19 crisis, hence their reluctance to commit fully to participating in the event.

To date, there have been almost 470,000 deaths, while the seven-day rolling average for cases remains over 60,000.

Speaking to the press before their World Cup qualifier against Ecuador on Friday evening, head coach Tite said the players have spoken to the federation about withdrawing from the competition.

“They have an opinion, they exposed it to the president and they will expose it to the public at the appropriate time. That is why our captain Casemiro is absent today (from the press conference),” he said.

“We asked our athletes to focus only on the match against Ecuador,” Tite added.

The coach also said that the staff will make further comments to the media after their World Cup qualifiers are complete.

Brazil have to play Ecuador on Today and Paraguay on Tuesday in this set of qualifiers.

They are currently on top of the table for the qualifiers, having won all four of their matches so far.

Just days before Brazil were awarded hosting rights, there were mass protests against President Jair Bolsonaro for his policies and the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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