• Babajide EverBlazin

Formula 1 to start using engines powered by sustainable fuels in 2026

As part of a wider environmental plan over the coming years, Formula 1 has announced that it will introduce engines powered by sustainable fuels in 2026.

The sport wants a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030 and a statement said F1 had "the potential to lead the way in technologies that reduce automotive carbon emissions globally".

A statement detailing F1's work on sustainability added: "At the top of our priorities for both sustainability and our sport is building a roadmap for the internal combustion engine that addresses the environmental goals of our automotive partners and society.

"Although the cars account for a very small percentage of our carbon footprint as a sport (0.7%), it is important the most visual part of our sport is sustainable and can have real-world benefits.

"We also believe there is not a single solution to the engine technologies of the future but a sustainably fuel hybrid engine will be a significant moment for the sport and the automotive sector."

A working group including specialists from car manufacturers and energy suppliers is to investigate how best to combine hybrid engines with carbon-neutral fuels.

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