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Lebron James ejected from Pistons' game for elbowing Isaiah Stewart

Los Lakers star LeBron James was ejected from the game against the Detroit Pistons' on Sunday night after intentionally elbowing Isaiah Stewart in the eye. The foul sparked a pitched battle between the two sides.

The incident occurred after a free throw in the third quarter by Pistons player Jeramy Grant, where James, in search of the rebound extended his left arm over Stewart and deliberately impacted the centre with his elbow, the right eye of his rival.

For the blow, James received an immediate ejection for a type 2 flagrant foul, as serious as it gets. Immediately, Stewart, with a bloodied eye, came to blows against the Lakers' star player and despite multiple attempts to separate the players, the Pistons' centre’s temperament would not let up, which generated a pitched battle between the two teams.

Players from both benches took to the court and it took several minutes for the game to resume, it was even feared that, after being forced to go to the locker room, Stewart would come out on the other side of the Arena with the intention of hitting LeBron James.

Stewart was ejected for a double technical foul and Russell Westbrook also received such a penalty, he remained on the court for the rest of the game.

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