• Joseph Faulkner

Let's Fix This Mess; Premier League Write To Clubs Over VAR

All 20 clubs in the Premier League could be sent a survey on ways to improve the functions of the Video Assisted Referee by the Premier League according to Daily Mail.

VAR has been at the heart of some of the biggest controversies in the Premier League in recent weeks and the League body could be sending out the survey within the next week and are expected to suggest ways to improve officiating and the use of VAR next season.

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, despite leading his team to a 5-2 victory over Southampton was livid that the match officials didn't award his team a clear penalty when Phil Foden was tackled in the box by the Saint's goalkeeper, McCarthy.

Jon Moss, the match referee, felt McCarthy got a slight touch on the ball hence, a 'no penalty' call but Guardiola was unhappy with the decision and later described it as incredible.

"Jon [Moss] cannot see it, but the VAR is there, they don't whistle the penalty, it's incredible." Pep said.

"For a long time, maybe four or five years, never complain about the referees, but this action really is incredible. Incredible.

"The VAR exists for when the referee doesn't see the action. They can make a mistake, that's why they review.

"But if there is a review and they didn't whistle the penalty for this action, I don't understand. Honestly.

"Maybe one day they will explain the rule for all of the managers and players."

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