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NBA Finals: Curry expresses readiness for Game 4

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has revealed his readiness to feature in Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday. There was uncertainty over his availability for the Game 4 after he suffered an injury late in the fourth quarter of the Warriors' 116-100 loss to the Celtics on Thursday. Boston Celtics forward Al Horford rolled on Curry's leg as the two doves for a loose ball. Curry lay on the floor for a few minutes, yelling in pain, before getting up with a limp.

He was still walking gingerly about an hour and a half after the game when he entered and exited the news conference room. The 34-year old was however seen later on Thursday to be walking just fine. "[I got] about 10½ hours of sleep, a couple dunks in the ice bucket and that's about it for now," Curry said about what treatment he had been doing over the previous 12 hours. "Then take advantage of today and tomorrow to get completely ready for the game. Get as much recovery and healing as possible and understand how important Game 4 is. I'm excited about the opportunity." "I'm going to play," he said definitely. "That's all I know right now." Curry assured. Curry's availability is imperative to the Warriors especially in a pivotal Game 4 that will see the Warriors either tie the series up again or fall behind 3-1 as the look to clinch the NBA Finals for the first time in three seasons.

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