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NBA: Irving will not get vaccinated despite Kevin Durant injury

Kyrie Irving has disclosed that he will not change his mind about getting vaccinated against Covid-19 despite an injury to fellow Brooklyn Nets player Kevin Durant.

Irving, 29, has refused to get a vaccination against the virus because of his personal beliefs. However, he cannot play in Nets home games because of New York's ban on unvaccinated people in indoor venues.

A knee ligament injury has sidelined Durant for a month or more, weakening the Nets' star-studded squad.

"I stay rooted in my decision. It's not going to be swayed just because of one thing in this NBA life. I live my life, the majority of the time, when I'm away from this," said Irving disclosed.

"So when I say I'm not getting vaccinated and I'm making a choice with my life, somehow it gets mixed into, 'well, what about the basketball?' When it's like, 'no, bro - we live in a real world'.

"I love playing on the Nets, but I've been away enough time to think about this, to process it, to be able to make this decision, stand strong, understand that people are gonna agree and some people are gonna disagree."

Irving, a seven-time All-Star, also cannot play in the Nets' away matches against local rivals the New York Knicks or the Toronto Raptors. He admits to being a "big conspiracy theorist" and apologised in 2018 for suggesting the earth may be flat.

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