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Raducanu fires coach after US Open victory

US Open champion Emma Raducanu has split from coach Andrew Richardson following her triumph in New York. She is now seeking an experienced mentor to help guide her through her next steps on tour.

Andrew Richardson previously coached the 18-year-old British star at Bromley Tennis Centre and was chosen to accompany Raducanu on her US trip because of their familiarity with one another.

Neither could have imagined where the partnership would lead and, despite the remarkable success it brought, Raducanu has decided she needs a coach with a WTA Tour pedigree.

Speaking after a homecoming event held by the Lawn Tennis Association at the National Tennis Centre, the teenager said: "Where I was at after Wimbledon, I was ranked around 200 in the world and at the time I thought Andrew would be a great coach to trial so we went to the States but never did I even dream of winning the US Open and having the run I did and now I'm ranked 22 in the world, which is pretty crazy to me."

“I feel like at this stage in my career, and playing the top players in the world, I realised I really need someone right now that has had that WTA Tour experience at the high levels, which means that I'm looking for someone who has been at that level and knows what it takes,” Raducanu continued.

"And especially right now because I'm so new to it, I really need someone to guide me who's already been through that."

Raducanu added that she does not yet have anyone in mind and she does not expect to make any decision until the end of the season.

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