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Wales National team coach and former Manchester United Captain, Ryan Giggs has denied headbutting or aggressively controlling his former girlfriend, Kate Greville over a three year period.

The Manchester United Legend was accused of causing actual bodily harm, common assault, as well as one count of coercive and controlling behaviour,

It’s claimed that throughout their three-year relationship - between December 2017 and November 2020 - Giggs used “harassment, humiliation, degradation and abuse” against Kate.

Giggs has also been charged with common assault against Kate's younger sister, Emma.

Arriving in a dark suit and tie in the company of some security escorts, he spoke to confirm his address and date of birth before the three charges were read to him.

Court documents indicate he is accused of engaging in controlling or coercive behaviour, which includes "repeatedly or continuously engaged in behaviour which was controlling or coercive, namely, used violence, isolation, belittling, humiliation, harassment, degradation and abuse".

The prosecution, told the court Mr Giggs had subjected Kate Greville to a "deliberate head butt" on 1 November 2020 and this had been "aggravated by domestic background" and being "in drink".

Andrea Griffiths, speaking for the prosecution also said the footballer “isolated her from her friends and colleagues” and “subjected her to degrading treatment.”

She also alleged the treatment, which “spanned a very long period of time” resulted in Giggs attacking her following a night out.

Giggs is due to appear at Manchester Crown Court on Wednesday, May 26.

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