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Sunday Dare reveals plans to help Team Nigeria succeed at Tokyo Olympics

Mr Sunday Dare, the honourable minister for Sports and Youth Development in Nigeria has disclosed that everything has been done to motivate the athletes to excel at the upcoming Olympic games.

Nigerian athletes are already preparing to help the west-African nation win medals and surpass the nation’s achievement at the 1996 Olympics. The next edition of the international multi-sport event is scheduled to be held from 23 July to 8 August 2021 in Tokyo.

Dare told CNN’s Zain Asher that the Public-Private Partnership initiative has helped the ministry connect with Team Nigeria’s athletes and motivate them to go for Gold in Tokyo.

“I want to assure you that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is going to be different because we have seen through our public-private partnership our Athletes been adopted and supported both financially and their welfare has been taken care of,” Dare said.

"That is how we have excellent performances. We want to surpass the feat of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics in Tokyo,” Dare said.

“This Ministry and the government have been working closely with the IOC, NOC and the Japanese government through the Japanese Ambassador. We do know that there is an IOC guideline and book on COVID-19 and we are keyed to that to ensure the safety of our athletes.”

“Most importantly, we are looking at the vaccination of our athletes. We are also looking at the 14-day guideline to get the COVI-19 test before Tokyo opens for the Olympics.”

“All Olympics- bound athletes have taken their first shot of the vaccine. Though the IOC has said vaccination is an option, we will make sure all our athletes take the two shots. We have received massive support from the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19,” he assured.

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