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The Brazilian Richarlison stunning goal against Serbia, Saudi Arabia's upset of Argentina and Japan's stinging of Germany are already etched as three of what would be some of the lasting memories of the Qatar 2022 world cup.

But they will in no way obliterate the Atlas Lions of Morocco tearing apart of the star-studded Belgium side, currently ranked number two in the world.

Morocco left a clear message with the sublime win - Africa, hold your football identity!

Majority of the Moroccan squad ply their trade in Europe. This isn't unexpected. Europe is the mecca of global football, and however brilliant and commercially strong, any federation league, in any continent could be, it has to be a factory for European leagues because the hiatus in advancement is vast.

Africa is most hit by this as the continent is yet to connect its economies with its football; the continent's football is blighted by selfish and poor governance, which have made it continually inferior to the other parts of the world.

Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Egypt, Cameroon, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco should, by now, be holding the flag of Africa proudly, at global engagements, defining the genuineness and the authenticity of the African game; and daring to win the WORLD CUP!

In Qatar, as we are witnessing, Africa is not expected to go beyond, at the farthest, second round. None of its flagbearers is classy enough for a sure bet. Not for want of quality, but for lack of self-belief.

Morocco has however demonstrated this with the win over Belgium. There are possibilities of this becoming something of a fluke in their run at the competition, but what is vivid is, in this one game, Africa has shown the possibilities of global competitiveness if it reinvents its game.

The door of reinvention seemed to have closed in 2002 when Senegal tamed France in Korea and Japan after Cameroon had humiliated Argentina in 1990 in Italy.

Let's go back to the iconic picture of Oman Biyik's jump that took his feet above his marker to score the only goal of the Cameroon vs Argentina game in 1990.......that picture depicts the myth of the African football strength.

Africa will not win the world cup if it fails to hold its identity and make it very complex to be overcome by Europe or South America.

What has playing European football style and philosophy achieved for Africa over the years, other than just coming so close to beating them in the expression of their own scientific nuances of the game?

This has left Africa, and will continue to make her remain behind Europe in the advancement of the game.

There's a lot Africa has demonstrated uniquely in human development strides, in various sectors of life, that have made it a dominant force and respected across the world. Why not in football.?

Morocco has again demonstrated its trajectory in today's African football. It has sounded a big warning of being number one in the continent's women's game. It clearly shows there's a working plan and system.

The basics for Africa is to develop strong league systems and nurseries through which, even when its players still move to Europe, it would still reap from the originality of their basic education anytime they are on international duties.

This was proved by Cameroon and Algeria in 1982, Algeria in 1986, Cameroon in 1990, Nigeria in 1994, Senegal in 2002 and Ghana in 2010.

The trouble is, these feats were not seen from the prism of the mythical power of the continent's game for advancement.


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