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The prospect of a trilogy fight excites Usman

Former UFC welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman is delighted about the possibility of facing his adversary Leon Edwards in a trilogy fight after losing to the Jamaican on Sunday.

Usman was handed his first UFC loss on Sunday in the last minute of their five-round bout after a he was hit with a left kick that sent him crumbling to the canvas.

Despite losing his belt, the 35-year old Nigerian Nightmare is handling the situation well is looking forward to facing Leon Edwards again.

"Everything is great." Usman said. "It was just what a shot. It was a great shot. I'm talking Hail Mary in the Super Bowl, last 10 seconds. That was a great shot, man."

Usman says he's watched the fight several times now and thinks his friends and family are actually more upset about the result than he really is.

"It's like everyone's sadder about it than I am." he added. "Everyone's more emotional it about than I am but that's because for me, that's a good thing 'cause it lets me know that people care, people are invested."

Usman however, sees the silver lining saying he now has the chance to inspire people as he continues his career.

"I'm in a rare opportunity. I have a rare opportunity now to just inspire and motivate and show people that you can fall and get back up. I'm excited"

As for his next fight. Usman has made it clear that he wants to win the belt back.

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