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UEFA bans Russia from Euro 2024 Qualifiers

Russia's isolation from international sport continues as UEFA has confirmed the country would be excluded from qualification for Euro 2024.

Russia has been banned from UEFA and FIFA competitions since it launched its invasion of Ukraine in February, with the Court of Arbitration dismissing an appeal against that ban in July.

UEFA confirmed Germany would qualify as hosts for the tournament in two years' time, with the qualifying draw scheduled to take place in Frankfurt on 9 October.

In a statement, UEFA confirmed: “All Russian teams are currently suspended following the decision of the UEFA Executive Committee of 28 February 2022 which has further been confirmed by the Court of Arbitration for Sport on 15 July 2022.

“Russia is therefore not included in the UEFA European Football Championship 2022-24 qualifying draw.”

The ban on Russian teams at club level boosted Scottish bids in the Champions League as they took up Russia's spots.

Earlier this year Russia was also banned from bidding to host Euro 2028 and 2032.

It came as Uefa came down hard with sanctions on Russia as a part of 12 major punishments implemented against Moscow.

Bans have been applied throughout the entirety of the nation's football, with the Russian women's team similarly booted out of the summer's Euro's and banned from qualification for the next world cup.

Youth and futsal tournaments run by UEFA have also been sanctioned with bans of their own.

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