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UEFA commissions report into ‘events surrounding’ UCL Final

UEFA has commissioned an independent report into “events surrounding” Saturday’s Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

Real won the final 1-0 thanks to a second-half goal from Vinicius Junior, but the event in Paris was marred by experiences of fans before, after and during the game.

The Athletic has detailed a special report on what happened around the Stade de France with first-hand accounts from those who were there.

A statement from UEFA on Monday said: “UEFA has today announced it has commissioned an independent report into the events surrounding the UEFA Champions League final in Paris on Saturday 28 May.

“The comprehensive review will examine decision making, responsibility and behaviours of all entities involved in the final.

“The report will be independently compiled and Dr. Tiago Brandao Rodrigues from Portugal will lead the production of this review.

“Evidence will be gathered from all relevant parties and the findings of the independent report will be made public once completed and upon receipt of the findings, UEFA will evaluate the next steps.”

Brandao Rodrigues is a member of the Portuguese parliament who previously served as the country’s minister for education (including sports and youth) from 2015 to 2022.

UEFA added that in order to maintain independence, Brandao Rodrigues will undertake the report on a pro bono basis.

Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan again commented on the situation many fans faced outside of the stadium.

Hogan said: “The videos and the photographs tell a consistent story: the unacceptable treatment of men, women and children.”

The French sports minister had earlier blamed Liverpool “letting fans out in the wild”.

On those remarks, Hogan added: “I think it’s important that folks know that our chairman, Tom Werner, sent a letter to the French minister to articulate our views and is calling for an apology to our fans for those comments.”

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