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Usain Bolt slams new innovations in Spike technology ahead of Olympics

Jamaican Olympic legend Usain Bolt has laughed off claims that recent innovations in spike technology could help wipe out his world records. He also claimed that the new shoes also give an unfair advantage to any athlete wearing them.

Athletes have ripped through the record books in distance running with carbon-plated, thick-soled shoes, the technology has now moved into sprint spikes, where the distance is shorter but the technology in sprint spikes is still enough to make a difference.

"When I was told about it I couldn't believe that this is what we have gone to, you know what I mean, that we are really adjusting the spikes to a level where it's now giving athletes an advantage to run even faster," Bolt told Reuters in an interview from Kingston.

American Sha'Carri Richardson, who lost her spot in the 100m in Tokyo after receiving a one-month suspension for using marijuana, moved up to No. 6 on the all-time list with 10.72 seconds in April using the shoe.

American Trayvon Bromell is favourite to take Bolt's 100m title in Tokyo. He is the fastest in the world over the distance this year with 9.77 secs, but the 2015 world 100m bronze medallist is less convinced about the impact of the shoes.

"It's weird and unfair for a lot of athletes because I know that in the past they [shoe companies] actually tried and the governing body said 'No, you can't change the spikes,' so to know that now they are actually doing it, it's laughable," the eight-time Olympic Champion Usain Bolt added.

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