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What Do You Think About The Premier League Hall of Fame Shortlist?

A total of 23 players, legends of the English game if you’d like, have been shortlisted for the Premier League hall of fame.

Alan Shearer and Thierry Henry made history with the pair the first to be inducted.

Firstly, why has it taken so long to introduce a Premier League Hall of Fame for the players? This should have been kicked off a while back, which would have made it far easier to select candidates over the course of the last few years.

What makes this extremely interesting is that the public gets to vote and voting remains open until May 9 for the big six’s inclusion.

Think it will come down to who has the biggest fan base and what legendary player you loved growing up will be getting your vote.

Check out the list below

To be eligible for the 2021 Premier League Hall of Fame, players must have been retired by 1 August 2020 to be considered for induction.

Only a player’s Premier League career is considered in their candidacy, not their performances in other competitions during the Premier League era.

Players must have made a minimum of 250 Premier League appearances unless they have achieved any of the following milestones:

Made a minimum of 200 Premier League appearances for one Club

• Been selected to any of the Premier League Team of the Decade or 20-Year Anniversary teams

• Won a Premier League Golden Boot or Golden Glove

• Been voted as Premier League Player of the Season

• Won three Premier League titles

• Scored 100 Premier League goals or recorded 100 Premier League clean sheets (GK only)

Full ins and outs and what more there is to know about the Premier League Hall of Famers and where to find their content on premierleague.com.

Question is how come Ryan Giggs didn't make the list? taking into account the selection criteria and how he has ticked almost every achievement?

Do you agree with the list and if not, who you taking out and who you adding?

Do you think Giggs is being robbed by not making a spot in the 23-man shortlist?

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